Ship More Efficiently

Fulfillment is not just about pick and pack, it’s about knowing what to pick and pack and in which orders to get shipments out the door the most efficiently.

Orderbot Backorder allocation goes in and checks your inventory and allocates inventory as it becomes available.

If you have a lot of backorders, you need to know who you can fulfill and who you can’t.

Orderbot can fracture backorders and allow you to use logistical reasoning when allocating new inventory.

All your online sales channels integrated with Orderbot have shipping notification notices and tracking numbers updated automatically when an order status is updated to shipped, and the label is generated at the same time.

Full reverse logistics for returns, generate return authorization labels for customers who want returns. Simply scan the label when a package is received and all the customers’ information and tracking information is instantly acquired.


More fulfillment Features:

  • Batch emails

  • On screen label generation

  • Multi shipping label generation

  • Box level traceability

  • Label generation for multipack shipments

  • No manual tracking number entry in Amazon or any other integrated sales channel

  • Multi-page invoices, packslips, purchase orders with unlimited number of items

  • Costco, Target, Walmart and associate compliant pack slips and documents

  • Backorder management

  • Multiple shipping vendor integration (FedEx, USP, USPS, DHL, TNT)

  • Realtime pick and pack, for big orders you can have multiple people picking and packing without any crossovers. They can see in realtime as they pack. Instant visibility, no mistakes or uncomplete orders

  • Color coded order statuses

  • Delivert manifest reports, by ship type and order

  • Granularity by channel or all the way down to items for pick and pack selection

Optimize warehouse efficiency