Optimal Invoicing

Automatically generated

Invoices with every order

Orderbot invoicing is simple and straightforward, which means it takes less time to get paid. When an order is created, all of your required documents, invoices, packslips and customs documents are automatically generated. No double entry! Send invoices to customers, individually or in batches with the format of your choice and then keep track of them alongside the rest of your operations, so you always know exactly where you stand and with whom.


Simple and Flexible

online invoicing software


Send an invoice or
batch to whomever you
choose in seconds.


Invoices are
automatically populated from
every order received.


No extra steps
required and payments
integration is built in.


Select the formatting
of your choice and add
your own branding.



Easy Online Invoicing

Orderbot’s invoicing tools are easy to use to bill your clients and get paid. With multiple features, we streamline your business with online pay tools, automatic invoice generation, customizable templates and reminder features for overdue payments.

Never ship to an outstanding account again with Orderbots' built-in notifications of overdue payments before every shipping order is completed.

Integrated term management means your CRM, invoicing, shipping tools and order management are all connected.

When a customer is setup in the Orderbot system, their terms and method of payments are recorded for future orders.

More Invoicing Features:

  • DVS required templates
  • Marketplace required templates
  • Ability to assign different channels different template defaults
  • Terms management, with stop ship notifications
  • Auto reminders for late payments
  • Outstanding, late and paid invoice views
  • Accept credit card and other payments directly from invoices
  • Mac-friendly
  • Turn quotes into invoices, packslips and work orders instantly
  • Unlimited professional invoices
  • Works with sales taxes from any country or region
  • Sell in multiple currencies
  • Customizable branding

Invoicing That Makes Sense