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The Importance of Order Fulfillment

Have you ever wondered what’s the one business process that impacts almost all other aspects of your business? Hint – it’s not Facebook.


The real answer is order fulfillment. The way you fill your orders is vital to your business. If you’re not processing orders efficiently, you’re not generating revenue. If you’re not generating revenue and doing it consistently, you’re setting yourself up for failure.


So why is order management so important?
Many businesses look at order processing as a simple task. Something that doesn’t require much attention. Almost an afterthought. Unfortunately, they’re missing the boat. The beauty isn’t in getting the order, it’s in the management of the order and the impact it has on your business today and in the future.


Order management is much more than filling out an order form or entering a few key strokes on a computer – it’s the first step to a sequence of events: pull/pack/ship, inventory management, accounting, backorder management, advanced reporting, customer retention, and marketing.


So don’t underestimate the power and importance of order excellence.




Track and report on inventory in multiple locations.


Single data entry point for multiple systems.


Order guides control pricing discounts by account or event.


Operational overviews which enable better decision-making.

More Order Management Features:

  • Ability to track and report on inventory in multiple locations/warehouses/storefronts

  • A centralized data entry point for multiple systems

  • Detailed reporting for sales and operational insights

  • Granulated tracking of parts by lot, serial number and dates

  • Manage ecommerce platforms shipping notices and inventory with our ecommerce integrations including Magento, Shopify, Bigcommerce, Spree and more

  • Customize products when taking orders by assemble-to-order or build-to-order methods

  • Multiple tools including ones for taking sales orders, purchasing, receiving, picking, packing, labelling and shipping

  • Ability to adjust costs (landed or shadow costs)

  • Take payments from any payment gateway or method

  • Seamless integration with accounting platforms such as Quickbooks, Sage 50 and Xero

  • Create transitionary state work orders to track progress

  • Receive and convert payments in any currency

  • Create multiple bills of materials with manufacturing tools

  • Multichannel integration including integrations with Amazon (Seller and Vendor), Ebay, Rakuten, NewEgg, Wayfair and more

  • Pricing controls via customer, amounts or events

More Functionality than any other