purchasing Management


Purchase based on the inventory

you have today and that of tomorrow 

Know your inventory in all locations in realtime, along with your forecasted inventory. This gives you the power to make fast, informed and powerful purchasing management decisions.

  • CONTROL your cash flow
  • SPEED up procurements
  • REDUCE the purchasing paper flow
  • KNOW your inventory

The purchasing functions of Orderbot are for Owners, Purchasers and any employee who is in charge of purchasing for a company.

Orderbot’s backorder allocation means Orderbot goes in and checks your inventory and allocates inventory as it becomes available.


If you have a lot of backorders, you need to know whose orders you can fulfill and whose you can’t.


Orderbot fractures backorders automatically and allows you to use logistical reasoning when allocating new inventory.

With these powerful functions, you pay people based not on an invoice but on what has been reconciled.

More Purchasing Features:

  • Vendor management

  • Purchase order reconciling

  • Logical purchasing flow

  • Vendor profiles

  • Email purchase orders

  • Purchase order generation

  • Receiving flow

  • Multiple receiving steps

  • Purchase order backorder generation from leftover amounts

  • Price adjustment updates on receiving

Experience Better Purchasing