Sales Management Software


Customer information in one place

with Orderbot CRM

Alongside the inventory and order management features of Orderbot, the use of the CRM, our sales management software, a business has everything it needs for a smoothly running operation. In it, you can capture leads, store customer contact information, keep a record of past orders, notes, and other valuable data.

Give salespeople

inventory levels in real time

One of the issues that salespeople have frequently is that they don’t have up-to-date product stock knowledge. Since inventory changes throughout a day what to speak of a week or month, salespeople aren’t always able to sell maximum volumes, or worse yet oversell and end up with a dissatisfied customer. No longer!

With Orderbot, your salespeople have access to real-time inventory counts as they need them while talking to customers. Data they can use to make a sale includes product numbers, codes, descriptions, details, actual shipping costs and pricing!


Take orders from

any desktop or handheld device

Use Orderbot sales features as your on-the-go product catalogue and show your prospects beautiful, high-definition images using multiple view options.

Use Orderbot on any Android or iPad device and use the flexible product searches, product highlighting, detailed descriptions, available-to-sell quantities which eliminates backorders and will reduce fulfillment times.

  • Fast loading sales interface
  • Sync of orders taken in the field to main office and shipping locations anywhere
  • Customized company branding
  • Barcode scanning capabilities in order
  • Quotation and invoice generation which can be sent to and paid online by your customers

Paperless Sales

Empower your sales team by allowing them to confirm inventory availability, give accurate pricing, accept credit card payments and submit their sales orders automatically. When Orderbot receives new sales, the order management process is brought to life and immediate shipments can take place even when your sales rep is still sitting in a customer’s office. With Orderbot, you have all that you need to take orders, anywhere, from any device.

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