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Digital Commerce Capabilities

An order-first approach to the world of modern commerce. Say hello to Orderbot.

Distributed Order ManagementCloud Based Inventory ManagementPurchasingCustomer ManagementInvoicingProduct Information ManagementSales Order ManagementFulfillmentOmnichannel Order OrchestrationHeadless
Distributed Order Management

An Order-First

Orderbot’s order-first approach was born from a refinement, reorganization, and reinvention of key processes, turning them into a full operational suite. Orderbot provides a seamless solution for enterprises to manage orders, customers, warehouses, inventory, sales, and products in a single flexible system.

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Multi-Channel Order Management

Simplify even the most complex operational flows with intelligent order management. Orderbot’s software allows businesses to easily share status updates throughout the order journey directly with teams or customers in real-time.

  • B2B, B2C & B2P Capabilities
  • Buy Online, Pickup Curbside
  • Distributed Order Management (DOM)
  • End-to-end order orchestration
  • Omnichannel order management

Optimized Inventory
Software for Industry 4.0

Gain true visibility into on-hand and demand-based inventory with a cloud-based solution that supports multi-location and omnichannel selling.

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A Modern Solution to Order Management

In today’s omnichannel world, businesses not accounting for situations like online pre-orders or product availability from third-party systems will be left behind. Orderbot’s dynamic solution gives full product visibility with automated order workflows across every sales channel.

  • Enhanced inventory reporting
  • Real-time inventory adjustments
  • Historical inventory visibility
  • Production assembly
  • Backorder allocation
  • Accounting integrations like Quickbooks, Xero, & Sage 50

The Power to
Purchase Intelligently

Orderbot facilitates several inventory replenishment strategies. From demand-based purchasing, satisfying sales orders, or complex reorder algorithms, gain the power to make fast, informed, and powerful purchasing management decisions.

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How it works

Using Orderbot, customers with recurring variables such as seasonality or turns can create custom rebuy algorithms to seamlessly manage and transform inventory to purchasing within a single system.

  • Vendor management
  • Easy purchase order generation
  • Comprehensive purchase order dashboard
  • Receive, reconcile, and backorder purchase orders
Customer Management

Customer Happiness Guaranteed

Orderbot’s robust customer management solution provides all employees with deep insights into the complete order history, customer service notes, and all logged customer interactions in a simple to navigate customer dashboard.

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Taking a Service Approach
to Customer Management

Today's consumers value transparency and expect consistent, personalized experiences across every touchpoint. With complete visibility into one or more points of contact associated with a customer workflow, providing an outstanding customer service experience is a breeze.

  • Hierarchical customer structure
  • Customer contact center & dashboard
  • Integrations with Customer Service Softwares, like ZenDesk
  • Order history

Digital Asset Management Software

Delivering compelling product experiences is faster and easier with Orderbot’s commerce PIM. Control how products are priced across multiple regions and channels in real-time using organized and reusable content for all customer touchpoints.

How it works

Whether using Orderbot’s Product Information Management (PIM) or another solution, syndicating products across all selling channels is now effortless. Orderbot offers a single place to collect, manage, and enrich product information.

Easily Update:

  • Product descriptions
  • Inventory and usage levels
  • Price changes
  • New or deleted products
  • Technical specifications

Centrally Manage Sales Activities from Anywhere, in the Cloud

Today’s sales order management processes are more complex than taking an order and shipping it. Whether wholesale, retail, or online, confidently accept sales orders knowing inventory levels are available regardless of the sales channel.

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Sales Order Management Solved

Orderbot partners with enterprise-level organizations to support sophisticated order management, inventory allocation, kitting, and promotional pricing all wrapped up in a single solution.

  • Headless commerce
  • Distributed Order Management (DOM)
  • Kitting and bill-of-material
  • Point-of-sale
  • Flexible discounts and promotions
  • Configurable order types
  • Multiple and partial dispatching

Automatically Generate Invoices on Your Terms

Orderbot’s invoicing management software was designed to give complete control over how vendors are managed. Reduce and control AR with automated invoice generation, customizable templates, and reminder features for overdue payments.

Highly-Configurable Invoicing

Send invoices to customers individually or in batches and the format of choice. Manage new invoices, identify days outstanding on upcoming invoices, and configure payment terms while easily tracking alongside operations to know exactly where the customer stands.

  • 60+ Invoicing templates
  • Custom invoices
  • Air management built-in
  • Built-in notifications
  • Credit card integrations
  • Cross-border sales tax integrations

Integrated Order Fulfillment

Fulfillment is not just about the pick-and-pack. It is about knowing exactly what items to select and how to ship them out in the most efficient and fastest way possible. Configure order fulfillment inside of Orderbot's cloud-based, highly flexible, and adaptable solution.

Fulfillment Workflows that Work as
Hard as You Do

Orderbot’s scalable and adaptable workflows adjust to operations as needs change. This powerful platform optimizes distribution and provides a unified command center powering the supply chain.

  • Pick-and-pack workflows for B2B & B2C
  • Shipping integrations
  • Reverse logistics
  • Split orders and backorders
  • Multi-warehouse/Multi-location
  • Batch processes

Intelligent Omnichannel Orchestration

Orderbot acts as the single system of truth across all sales channels connecting orders to operations. From updating inventory levels across websites, warehouses, and physical locations to triggering specific order workflows, Orderbot seamlessly orchestrates any range of events to ensure orders are available and fulfilled on time.

Save Time. Sell More.

Backed with the power of applied intelligence, Orderbot scans its system to identify the best products based on location, shipping cost, and selling history. The order flow maps the points when the order is picked, shipped, acknowledged, received, and confirmed by the customer providing full transparency along each step of the way.


Agile Solutions for The Future of Modern Commerce

Orderbot’s architecture allows enterprises the freedom to “future-proof” the build of their commerce platform. Built with the customer in mind, Orderbot’s flexible backend solution is at the forefront of the paradigm shift. As a continually evolving and innovative modern commerce solution, Orderbot is the future of order management.

Commerce Microservices at Work

As an integrated or modular platform, Orderbot was built with flexibility and speed in mind. With out-of-the box or customizable solutions available, Orderbot can integrate with existing or legacy systems already in use without the need to rip-and-replace. The natural evolution of headless commerce is here, and Orderbot is poised to deliver enterprises with the tools needed to capitalize on modern commerce.

  • Innovative strategy
  • Communal built-for-cloud platform
  • Reduced IT spend
  • Less time to market
  • Flexible and adaptable solutions