our philosophy

What makes software great
is the base it
is built on 

Orderbot is built on six interconnected pillars that together centralizes operations, increases, efficiency and accelerates growth.

Order Management

A whole new level of orchestration and transparency to order management.


The most reliable omnichannel product syndication tool to track and sync inventory in-real time.

Sales Management

Exceed customer expectations with robust B2B & B2C sales management functionality.

Inventory Management

Intelligent inventory management provides cross channel transparency into availability, not just on hand.

Warehouse Management

Streamlined process matched with unparalleled visibility, brings efficiency to your warehouse operations.

Customer Management

Customer dashboard, provide insights in customers, their orders, and margin. Designed to empower customer service, and create happy customers.

Our Fearless Leaders

Steve Izen

As a seasoned serial entrepreneur with over 30+ years of experience in retail, operations management, and technology, Steven Izen has led Orderbot to become of Shopify Plus's most prolific technology partners. Steve previously founded Monkey Media Software, an Ordering & ERP System for Catering and Food Manufacturing. Prior to that, he was the Head of Creative & Brand for Warehouse One the Jean Store, growing the retail chain from 16 to 48 stores, and pioneering shift from off-shore to locally sourced/produced Just-In-Time model.

Marianne Zakhour

With over 25 years of experience in business process and system efficiencies, Marianne Zakhour brings a wealth of experience in creating solutions to complex challenges and building exceptional teams to deliver with increased productivity and growth enablers. Before co-founding Orderbot, she served as the CEO of Monkey Media software where she formed key processes and business standards that enabled the company to secure a number of enterprise-size deals; including Einstein bagels and its 400+ locations. Additionally, she held the Director of IS/IT position at Boudin Bakery, based in San Francisco. There she transformed all company technologies from legacy to best-of-breed spanning areas such as Business intelligence, Accounting, HR, POS, Catering, Ecommerce, Fulfilment, and Inventory.

Our Why

Our Story

When founders Marianne Zakhour and Steve Izen set out to build Orderbot, it was based on the notion that a single system could funnel the information from multiple sales. What they discovered along the way was the magnitude order processing had on the business, its employees, and its ability to grow.

Their goal was from day one was to create an intuitive order management system that could be used operationally across the organization. One that would replace hours' worth of work with the click of a button. A system that would enable the organization to scale without the technical limitations or rigidity of legacy solutions.

Orderbot’s commitment to agility, growth, and meeting the modern demands of commerce has been a key driver of its innovation since its inception. Today, some of the world’s most recognizable brands are leveraging the applied intelligence and sophisticated yet simple workflows and configurable to power Order Management, Inventory Management, Product Information Management, Customer Management, Warehouse Management, and Sales Management.

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