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Orderbot's suite of sophisticated and intuitive order management solutions scale can seamlessly scale with your business.

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Inventory & Demand Planning

Sell with Confidence

With demand-driven forecasting, Orderbot takes the guesswork out of inventory ordering. Streamline processes, increase turnover, and understand precisely how inventory is performing at any location, in real-time. As an order management system that produces accurate, real-time inventory levels regardless of the number of sales channels or the complexity of the order lifecycle, Orderbot can solve the time-consuming issues that take you away from focusing on growth.

Enterprise Order Management Solved

Accurate Inventory Levels. Period.

Designed for B2B, B2C, and wholesale, Orderbot logs all counts and adjustments, transactions, and displays future visibility of inventory across all channels in real-time.

Intelligent Order Orchestration

An intelligent and orchestrated approach to manage orders across all sales channels providing transparency into the full order lifecycle.

Role-Based Dashboards

Whether users are responsible for fulfillment, purchasing, or finance, gain true transparency into any stage of the order lifecycle with Orderbot’s intuitive reporting dashboards.

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Multi-location & Multichannel Inventory

Struggling to keep track of inventory?

Orderbot has a solution for that. Whether managing inventory across multiple channels or multiple locations, having assurances of precise inventory levels is now a reality.

Inventory Management by Location

Managing inventory in a single location is challenging enough. Add in multiple locations, vendors, and new sales channels and the burden becomes increasingly onerous. With automated workflows, replenishment alerts, and built-in EDI, Orderbot enables users to view and share real-time data across multiple locations in a single platform.

The ABC's of Inventory

Many times companies struggle to obtain reliable data from their inventory system. The root cause is often that their system does not do a good job at the basic functions of inventory management. The trickle-down effect is a compromised process for receiving, picking, shipping, counting, and adjustments to inventory.


Buy Online, Curbside Pickup

Give customers the convenience and flexibility to shop anywhere and at any time. Drive foot traffic to stores, providing additional sales opportunities for physical locations, with free in-store pickup. Prefer curbside or contactless pickup? No problem - Orderbot can handle that, too.

Optimize Inventory

Reduced on-hand inventory. Better utilization of inventory. Accurate reporting of actual and future inventory levels. Rapid returns with buy online, return in-store capabilities. Improved customer experiences.

Control the Fulfillment Journey

After the order is placed, a series of orchestrated actions are tracked step-by-step in Orderbot’s dashboard for full visibility into the fulfillment journey. 

Intuitive Order Dashboards

Eliminate the guesswork from reporting with several intuitive standard and custom order dashboards. Free up time to focus on how to best serve your customers while reducing your bottom-line.

Distributed OMS

Omnichannel OMS

Optimize order fulfillment in a unified platform that breaks the confines between sales channels. Orderbot was born in the cloud and runs as a multi-tenant, multi-currency distributed OMS. It seamlessly selects the right inventory from the right locations to fill orders across all sales channels. We are the Future of Modern Commerce.

The Future of Modern Commerce

Cloud-based, Adaptable Fulfillment

Select the best fulfillment location using a weighted algorithm based on geography as well as product availability and sell-through of the merchandise.

Just-in-Time Delivery

If a product is selling through at a certain location, Orderbot will scan other locations, taking price and locale into consideration, and determines the best option to fill the order.

Simple Multi-Location Management

Increase delivery speed and reduce inefficiencies when shipping single orders to one or more locations with Orderbot’s built-in split orders functionality.


Fully integrated to support your business

Orderbot is the largest Shopify Plus Technology Partner by order volume, integrated stores, and ecommerce revenue. What does this mean for you? With Orderbot, you can integrate with your Shopify store faster than you can get a pizza delivered.

Shopify Plus Integrations

  • Order sync
  • Ship notification
  • Multi-store inventory
  • Price control
  • Multi-store product listing
  • Quick start product sync
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Headless Commerce

It was important for us to create a solution that was flexible and scalable. With Orderbot’s cloud-native API, you can run your own headless applications to build custom dashboards, order entries, reports, or interact within your native application ecosystem. Feel confident that your commerce platform will grow and expand in the years to come as best-of-breed enterprise technologies can swiftly connect to Orderbot’s API.

B2B Commerce

We know B2B and wholesale merchants require specific solutions designed for their business needs. Whether creating price lists, terms, or sales commissions, Orderbot was built with flexibility in mind.Orderbot simplifies the full order lifecycle stage breaking it down to three key components: products purchased, products sold to, and products shipped to. This ensures continuity of customer care along each step of the journey. 

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