Our Story

Our Story

Like most software, Orderbot was born from necessity and hard lessons. A customer’s dependence and faith on a key staff member running the order desk was shattered when they suddenly left without warning. In the end, it turned out that the real problem wasn’t a faithless employee, but rather a very frustrating job. This was further evidenced by the fact that this wasn’t the first person in the position to throw their hands up and walk out. 

When the Orderbot team looked at the situation they quickly discovered why it was so frustrating. Something as simple as getting the orders ready to ship took hours and hours. The information required came from multiple locations and then had to be manually put together to be used operationally. Every step required manual intervention and every step opened up the possibility of a mistake. 

And who could figure out the documented steps to get this file together?

From the very beginning, the Orderbot team envisioned a system that could funnel the information from multiple sales channels into one set of data that could be used operationally across an organization. What they discovered was just how important the order processing process was to any organization. 

They determined then and there to become experts on the subject and set out to build a better mouse trap. From the employee point of view, they wanted a system that provided the right information and tools to do their job without being frustrated at every turn. The end result is an increase in productivity and a reduction in turnover. 

From the company’s point of view, they wanted a system that didn’t have to rely on any one individual. Things that used to take hours should take place at the push of a button. More than anything they wanted to build a system that could pay for itself. The biggest lesson learned through all the years is that a company’s ability to grow is more dependent on the quality of systems they put in place than how many staff they hire.

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