Product Overview

The Six Pillars Of Orderbot

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The six interconnected pillars work together to create a platform, that centralizes operations, increases efficiency and enables growth while exceeding customer expectations.

Order Management

A Whole New Level Of Visibility & Transparency

  • Channels To Segment Business

  • Order Statuses To Create Workflow

  • Variables To Determine & Automate Status

  • Order Orchestration Conduct Orders Across All Sales Channels 

Product Management

Omni-channel Product Definitions

  • Commerce PIM Multi-channel Definitions 

  • Robust Profile Infinite Product Details & Fields 

  • Tags Create & Assign Unlimited # Of Attributes 

  • Sync Single Product Pushed To Multiple Channels

Sales Management

Sales Automation Is The Key To Growth

  • Pre-integrated For B2C

  • Price Control Unlimited Price Lists

  • B2B Full Cycle Wholesale Management 

  • Phone Orders Fast, Simple Order Entry

Inventory Management

A Whole New Level Of Visibility & TransparencyUnparalleled Visibility & Control

  • Omni Channel For B2C And B2B

  • Accuracy Logs Of All Count & Adjustments

  • Traceability Logs Of All Transactions

  • Future Visibility Inventory As A Function Of Time

  • Transparency Confidence Of Inventory Levels Through Allocations, Thresholds, & Data Logs

Warehouse Management

Ship More Orders, Faster & More Accurately

  • Multi-warehouse Ready Of Growth

  • Batch Processes Pick & Pack More, Faster

  • Scanning Eliminate Errors

  • Ship Integrations FedEx, UPS, USPS, DHL

Customer Management

Happier Clients By Taking A Service Approach To CRM

  • Contact Centre Record & Segment Customers

  • Customer Dashboard Insight To Clients

  • Notes Record Issues, & Schedule Follow-ups

  • Order History Visibility On All Purchases

  • Returns Turn A Bad Situation Into An Opportunity

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