Order Management

Distributed Order Management

Streamlined order management for an increasingly complex e-commerce ecosystem.

Any Business Flows

From BOSH (buy online, ship to home) to BOPIS (buy online, pick up in store) including BOSS (buy online, ship to store) and BORIS (buy online, return in store), Orderbot supports your workflows.


Turn your stores into fulfillment centres, add drop ship vendors, manage stock transfers, set thresholds, etc. Orderbot will always keep up with your changing needs and enable you to provide a seamless customer experience

Efficient Fulfillment and Tracking

Prioritise fulfillment from the most optimal location with advanced order-routing logic that considers factors such as proximity, inventory levels, speed, cost, inventory turnover rate, and more. Set these rules at the line item level and have the orders automatically split and routed to their respective distribution centres.

Pre-order and Backorder Management

Product not ready yet? Out of stock?
Create pre-orders or backorders to be shipped when the items are available. Proper allocation of incoming inventory helps you avoid overselling or accidentally fulfilling orders with the incorrect priority.
Dashboard mockup

Perfect Order Score

Measures the capacity of your business to ship orders in adherence with its fulfillment service level agreement. Don’t have one? No problem. The Perfect Order Dashboard will provide you with the tools needed to establish it.
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