Inventory Management

Streamlined Inventory Management

Manage inventory for all your selling and distribution channels in a single place.

Consolidated View

Regardless of the complexity of your operations, multiple warehouses, multiple suppliers, drop shippers, multiple currencies, and multiple integrations, Orderbot provides you with a centralized and consolidated view of your inventory so you can make informed purchasing and shipping decisions.

Inventory Accuracy

Know your exact on-hand and available inventory levels at all times, so that you can make the right commitments to your customers and be able to deliver. Real-time inventory updates prevent you from overselling and enhance the effectiveness of your order-routing logic.

Threshold Availability

Set an availability threshold per product per sales channel to help ensure orders aren't cancelled due to stockouts, especially when dealing with a single pool of inventory.

Drop Shipping

Minimize your inventory costs and allow your business to scale while we help you manage your drop shippers and their fulfillment.
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