Brand Expansion

Something catchy about how orderbot can help you expand your brand faster.
Use Cases

Increase market share with Orderbot

The most common way to increase sale is to increase the number of sales channels. Wholesalers are diversifying in brands, and then also going B2C as well as reaching out to third party/marketplaces. Retailers are adding as many channels as they can, also through new multi branding or marketplaces.

Using Orderbot allows you to increase market share.

Orderbot reliably consolidates your orders across sales channels and marketplaces and provides you with measurability and transparency to make sure your brand reaches your perfect order goals.

Multi-Brand | Multi-Currency

Have multiple channels, brands, transacting in multiple regions with different currencies. All managed from a single instance of Orderbot.

Omni-channel Order Orchestration

Connect all different channels of orders into orderbot and orchestrate them with the correct data to the correct destination.

Wholesale Distribution

Elevate your wholesale operations with orderbot's B2B functionality built in to the application.

Order Routing | Partial Fulfillment

Route your orders where they need to go based on availability, geographic location, and split them if needed.

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