Order Management

Perfect Order Dashboard

Your business intelligence tool to quantify and diagnose problems in your fulfillment process
so you can take action and make every order, the perfect order every day.
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Smart solution for all size of businesses

Whether you have a small business or are an executive in an enterprise, Perfect Order Dashboard provides you with accurate metrics to scale your business and exceed customers’ expectations.

Intuitive data visualization

All your fulfillment data consolidated in a simple and easy to use, yet comprehensive, dashboard, designed to offer insights on the performance of your fulfillment process. Filter, export, and drilldown to review your metrics in just a couple of clicks.

Instant feedback

Scores are refreshed every time you filter or drill down so you can narrow down options and understand root cause issues to take your brand to the next level.

Perfect Order Metrics

The Perfect Order metrics help diagnose the health of your business so that you can streamline your processes and make critical adjustments to achieve your strategic goals. Metrics are flexible and can be obtained in both quantity and sales value for different periods of time, different ecommerce platforms, sales channels, distribution centers and much more.

Perfect Order Score

Measures the capacity of your business to ship orders in adherence with its fulfillment service level agreement. Don’t have one? No problem. The Perfect Order Dashboard will provide you with the tools needed to establish it.

Orders Fulfilled

How many orders do you fulfill in a week? How many orders did you fulfill in the past month? How many were fulfilled late? How many are still unfulfilled? How many are at risk of being late? How much are they worth? Perfect Order Dashboard will provide you with all these answers.

Pending Shipments

How many shipments did you send over the past month? How many shipments are still pending? From which distribution center? For what sales channel? How much are they worth? Let Perfect Order Dashboard help you with your strategic planning.

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