Use dropshipping to help increase market share while minimizing cost.
Use Cases

Increase market share with Dropship

Allow your team to fulfill orders from multiple distribution centers, including your suppliers so you can decrease the cost of holding inventory and shipping products.

This is a cost-effective way to increase market share and have order sources while minimizing the marketing and admin fee allocated to all your other orders.

Growing your revenue more cost-effectively.

Dropshipping as a Vendor

If you're a vendor serving multiple retailors, you can manage the orders you need to fulfill within Orderbot.

Dropshipping as a Retailer

When you're sending your orders to a dropship partner, orderbot can help make sure the correct products are fulfilled by the correct vendors.

Empower EDI

If your vendors require you to use EDI formats to exchange data, Orderbot can help set up, test, and ensure all formats are working correctly. We can partner with an EDI provider, or do it all within Orderbot.

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