Orderbot + MIVA

Utilize Miva as your B2B portal and Orderbot as the engine that drives the data.
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Integrate Orderbot with MIVA to elevate your B2B channel experience with multichannel inventory and order management.

Syncing your Miva instance with Orderbot helps you control everything you need in a single place, and have a information aligned across systems.

Seamless B2B Experience

Whether your customer orders online, via email, or by phone, the information being synced between Miva & Orderbot means the customer gets consistent details & pricing.

Fully Loaded Front End

We understand that every company's data is unique, so we integrate with Miva's custom fields well to ensure that your front end is fully loaded with the data it needs.
How it works

Orderbot x MIVA Integration

Import orders

Connect your order queues to Orderbot to have a seamless post-purchase experience.

Export Products

Export your products from Orderbot to a single, or multiple Miva stores to help reduce data entry work - including any custom fields and pricing info.

Export Inventory

As often and as fast as you'd like, orderbot can export inventory from multiple locations. We can also support live inventory calls from Product Detail Pages and Checkout.

Export Fulfillments

Let your customers know when an order has shipped. Orderbot updates Miva so that email notifications can be sent directly to the customer. We support partial fulfillments as well.

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