Improve Operations

“You cannot improve what you cannot measure”.
Use Cases

Achieve better margins overall with Orderbot

Orderbot provides reliability, measurability and transparency across your multi-channel orders. This enables fulfillment to be efficiently prioritized and managed.

Improved operations allows for increased customer retention and better referral / possibility of repeat business due to managing backorders and delivering as per customer expectations.

Improved operations also allows for better overall margin

Backorder Management

Use orderbot's backorder allocation management to help manage incoming Purchase Orders and allocating inventory to orders that are waiting.

Pre-Order Management

Accept orders before your products are released and fulfill them when the inventory lands.

Single View of Inventory

See available, on hand, allocated, backordered, and on incoming purchase orders for all your distribution centers and for all your sales channels in a single place.

In-Store Pick & Pack

The pick pack dashboard can help streamline the picking and packing process for store orders.


Don't have a product in stock? Easily substitute it using orderbot's substitution function.

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