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How Staples achieved Order Perfection

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A Paper Jam

Staples, the largest office supply retailer in North America, was in a real bind with their order management. Despite having a vast online inventory and multiple in-store pickup options, their legacy systems were creating data silos which prevented information from being shared seamlessly across the organization. 

Before implementing Orderbot, Staples experienced multiple pain points:

  1. Errors in order processing - Order processing was predominantly manual, leading to errors, delays, and inefficiencies in handling orders.
  1. Delays in shipment - Disparate systems resulted in duplicate order entries, causing confusion, extra work, and potential delays in fulfilling orders.
  1. Lack of Visibility - the staff was spending too much time investigating the root cause of errors, which was draining resources and hurting their productivity.
  1. Customer Complaints - Inaccurate order fulfillment and late deliveries led to an increase in customer complaints, impacting the company's reputation and bottom line.

It was clear Staples needed a new solution to streamline their operations and eliminate these costly errors, or risk losing customers, revenue, and brand equity.

Breaking the Pencil on Innovation

Enter Orderbot, an online order management software solution that promised to revolutionize Staples' operations. After a dedicated onboarding team brought Staples onto Orderbot and integrated with their technology stack in just 16 weeks, the focus turned towards ensuring Staples was delivering the right order, on time, everytime. 

Orderbot’s exclusive and easy to use Perfect Order Dashboard offered Staples the business intelligence to drill in and diagnose problems in the fulfillment process. 

By using the Perfect Order dashboard, users can avoid the tedious process of distinguishing between human and technical error and determining the source, thus saving considerable time and resources. A score is posted and any issues are highlighted so they can be rectified in order to achieve the perfect order score.  

Key Features Implemented:

  1. Centralized Order Processing - Orderbot centralized the order processing system, allowing internal stakeholders to access real-time data and manage orders efficiently.
  1. Automated Order Processing - Manual intervention was significantly reduced with automated order entry, validation, and processing, leading to faster and error-free order fulfillment.
  1. Perfect Order Metrics - real-time tracking of Perfect Order metrics that measured the success of all the steps across the order journey, and error logs which eradicated the need for lengthy investigations.
  1. Real-time Inventory Tracking - Orderbot provided a centralized view of inventory levels, ensuring optimal stock levels and helped Staples avoid overselling.
  1. Customer Portal - Orderbot's open API gave Staples the flexibility to develop a convenient and easy-to-use self-serve customer service portal that allows customers to view their orders, track their shipments, and request refunds or exchanges.
  1. Integration with Legacy Systems - Seamless integration with existing systems ensured a smooth flow of data, eliminating duplication and reducing data entry efforts.
  1. Enabling BOPIS - Orderbot’s robust cloud environment allowed Staples to enable BOPIS (Buy Online Pick Up in Store) for their 160+ stores.

Stamp of Approval

“Within months, Staples Perfect Order Score went from 80% to 99.9%”

  1. Reduced Errors - The moment of excitement and pride came for the team when they saw their perfect order score shoot up to 99.9%, a significant improvement from their previous score of below 80%. This meant that only 0.1% of orders were delayed or inaccurate. 
  1. Improved Efficiency - Staples was able to attain a remarkable level of precision in their order fulfillment process, ensuring prompt and error-free delivery to their customers.
  1. Repeat Customers - And just one year after implementing Orderbot, Staples witnessed a remarkable 292% surge in repeat customers, indicating that the improvements they made were well appreciated
  1. Enhanced Visibility - Real-time order tracking and stock levels improved decision-making and coordination among departments.
  1. Customer Satisfaction - Following continuous improvements led by Perfect Order data, Staples observed an increase in customer satisfaction and a reduction in negative feedback.
  1. Reduced Costs - The freed-up time from the reduction in customer service requests allowed Staples to further reduce labor costs. 

By streamlining their order management process, improving customer experience, and reducing labor costs, Staples was able to maintain its position as a leading retailer in the highly competitive office supplies market.

19.9% Improvement

Perfect Order Score

292% Increase

of Repeat Customers

16 Weeks

Time to onboard

19.9% Improvement

Perfect Order Score

292% Increase

of Repeat Customers

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