Orderbot + Shopify Plus

Integrate reliably with one or many Shopify stores.
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Multichannel inventory and order management for Shopify, for over 14 years

Whether you’re an omni-channel retailer, drop shipper, B2B supplier or marketplace seller,
Orderbot’s distributed OMS, WMS and inventory solution will helps\ you manage multi-warehouse stock, ensure accurate order tracking, and handle your complex workflow requirements.


Integrate with Shopify to handle enterprise-level orders.

An enterprise integration that goes beyond. It’s not a plugin, it’s an integration that orchestrates your products, your inventory and your orders at scale.

Increase Sales with Bundling

Enable bundling and kitting on your Shopify storefront to move more product and increase sales.

No Middleware Required

Orderbot connects directly with Shopify with no middleware, making it quick and easy to get up and running.

Fully Integrated

Bi-directional communication with Shopify handles complex workflows and transactions for any business model.

Shopify POS and More

Integrate with both Shopify's online store and POS so you can distinguish between the types of orders and sync inventory between the POS locations.
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"Orderbot is a solid platform and an important player in the
Shopify Plus Partner ecosystem."

Jamie Sutton
Head of Tech Partnerships, Shopify Plus
How it works

Orderbot x Shopify Integration

Import orders

Orders flow seamlessly from Shopify into orderbot, to be routed wherever you'd like.

Import / Export Products

Export your products from Orderbot to a single, or multiple shopify stores to help reduce data entry work - or import your products into Orderbot. Whichever works best for your team.

Export Inventory

As often and as fast as you'd like, orderbot can export inventory from multiple locations. We can also support live inventory calls from Product Detail Pages and Checkout.

Export Fulfillments / Cancellations

Let your customers know when an order has shipped, or has been cancelled. Orderbot updates Shopify so that email notifications can be sent directly to the customer. We support partial fulfillments, and partial cancellations as well. Orderbot will also capture or refund, depending on your workflow.

Import/Export Refunds/Returns

Refunds and returns can flow from Orderbot to Shopify, or vice-versa depending on where your accounting software is integrated to. This makes sure that all accounting transactions are accounted for.

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